Seeking a secure warehouse for the best value?

COGI can help!


Our warehouses are located in:

Baltimore /Norfolk /Charleston /Savannah /Mobil /Jacksonville /Miami /New Orleans /Houston  & more


COGI is here to help with your storage needs, be it a small or large space, in town or near a port, outdoor, indoor and climate controlled storage. Do you have a special need, an extra request? We offer storage options with maximum service capabilities to receive heavy weight or over-size cargo, compliance for hazardous goods and additional security or safety requirements. We represent over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of space to utilize to your benefit at the most competitive pricing, while insuring your commodity is safe and secure.

Looking for a BONDED warehouse? Look no further, we have your back. No need to import/export your cargo, extra perk no VAT or customs duties are due to be paid when appointing us to get you the most competitive and most in fitting solution.

In addition to storage, we can also offer the following services on arrival or departure:

  • Stuffing/Un-stuffing
  • Loading/Un-loading
  • Securing/Un-securing
  • COGI was founded on the concept of providing the highest levels of service, quality and competitive pricing - without compromising one attribute for another - because we know our future depends on yours.